ArmageddonChallenge tattoo – who will be able to have it:

All those who will be coordinate ArmageddonChalenge, or employees, volunteers, sponsors, members of ArmageddonChallenge and Vip shareholders.

Participants, who will be gladiators of running, those who will participate in most of our events and earn 80 points will be able to obtain tattoo.The gladiators, who will fight in the arenas, each of them can obtain our tattoo.

Tattoo will perform excellent tattoo artist Jacek Rosłon, leading for several years tattoo salons in Poland and abroad, award winning for his work in Poland and Germany.

Those who deserve to it, i.e. Gladiators will be passed by a process full of emotion and adrenaline, because we like the adrenaline. It will not be just an ordinary stamp / tattoo it will be something more, the pride that we have it and how we won it.

The tiny badge hidden under clothing…