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Armageddon Challenge

Declaration of Armageddon Challenge:

Why did we create an organization and foundation?

In order to combine a worthy aim with passion, to give hope to others as someone gave me once, and therefore I am where I am.

I experienced help, I experienced running and wonderful feeling that comes from sport competition!

Once I needed help and I met good people on my path who, when I fell to the bottom, helped me up so much I want to help those who need it, man himself is not worth much, but through a combination of joint forces can do a lot….

Our foundation will help sick children who are born in poor families and cannot afford the treatment, we will help disabled who, after serious accidents lost hope for a better tomorrow, we have the hope to restore, we will help people who really need our help and have no-one from whom they can it receive, sometimes it is enough to do so little to change someone’s life.

We love animals!!!

We have no ambition to enter the global markets with our races and events, we do not dream of conquest of Western Europe or the US, we have the ambition to help, because we experienced it, so I began my story with running and shaped my character and showed me the way that now I follow.

I’ve always been a good organizer, I has always pursued my goals, I overcame severe obstacles in life and I have faced difficulties that I encountered every day. Sport was in my life for a long time and thanks to that love that ArmageddonChallenge was born.

We want to help and organize the best parties in the world, we wish we joined forces together and become one ArmageddonChallenge family, there will be no better or worse participants as in the life of every living. Let’s change it!!

We do this for you and we want to motivate as many people to a healthy, active lifestyle and help because good returns with a vengeance:

1. You fell down – you should come into being, if you give up – stretch out your hand.

2. You have anxiety – get rid of them.

3. Develop self-confidence.

4. Start to live positively.

5. Help others, if you are stronger help to become stronger to someone else.

6. Change the word „I cannot” on „I can do it”.

7. Everyone need motivation, we also needed and now we want to give it to you.


My dear friends, we should help because we will be until the end of the World and… this is our declaration!

We will not disappoint you, but without you we will not be! Remember that “Together we can all”