Become a volunteer of ACH – become a part of us, help with us!

We provide a lot of work, food, nice atmosphere, certificate of participation!

Each volunteer will receive two vouchers, one for use on running in ArmageddonChalenge and events, and the second for shopping in our store. The value of vouchers depends on the number of worked days (table below)

The value of the voucher to use in the shop.

The value of the voucher to use in the shop

Day of preparation 50 zł
Day of competition/6 h 40 zł

The value of the voucher for take-offs and events

Day I 50 zł
Day II 100 zł
Day III and more 180 zł

The maximum value of the voucher on the course is 55 EURO (voucher must be used once, the remaining difference ​​is not assigned to a user account / it will lost). A code is valid for 6 months and it is personal.
A voucher to the store increases with the number of days of volunteering, for the whole week, you can earn about 100 EURO *
You should settle it in the ArmageddonChallenge shop. The settlements are held in the evening before the event or the day of the event after check-ending of day of volunteering.
We invite everyone! The only condition is 18 years of age (persons under 18 years of age may participate only with the written consent of parents or legal guardians.
What should you bring?
– identification dokument
– acceptance of parents or guardians (for minors)
– in the case of bad weather, good shoes to work on the route and appropriate clothing, a lot of good will and a smile on your face!
-materials and tools for the job are provided by the organizer

What you get being a volunteer:
-vouchers for use in our shop
-starter pack*
-t-shirt of the volunteer of ArmageddonChallenge
– catering
-respect of community
– satisfaction of helping others

If you have any questions about participation in voluntary service contact with
e-mail: wolontariat@armageddonchallenge.pl

We invite you to like and follow fb page dedicated to our brave volunteers.
You will find here the latest news, photos, and you can make an appointment for common crossings, communicate with each other, to share your pinions on volunteering in ArmageddonChallenge!