Go through your life motivated and don’t worry about obstacles. Nobody said it was gong to be easy, neither in life, nor here.
Armageddon Challenge

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Extreme runs for everybody, not only for those who actually run on a daily basis. This new organization of extreme runs was created just for you! This particular run will give you much more than combination of a few different runs. Something that is created out of passion, taking everyone into consideration, something that is made up out of love is the best thing possible, that’s why we’re going to be the best in Poland, Europe, even in the world!!! We don’t do it for money, we don’t do it for profit, we do it for you, for each an every of you. That’s why you can become a part of ArmageddonChallenge, you can become a part of what you love or what you will love, joining forces will give us special power, the power of Armageddon! Everyone is welcome to join us – the strong, weak, young, elderly, disabled, women and men, no barriers, no more saying that you can’t! Everything starts in your head, your muscles don’t matter here, no!!!

It doesn’t matter how you look, it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who you want to be. If you’ve never asked yourself this question before, ask yourself now and sign up for he run and we will help you become someone else, someone special! If you can’t afford the run, let us now, write to us and tell us about your situation, tell us your story and we will help you. If you are afraid you aren’t able to do it, write to us. I you have disability and you want to achieve something said to be impossible, let us know and together we will get blood out of a stone!


Dlaczego my?

This is the biggest sports event of this type in Poland. It is something more than just running, it’s the event where you can listen to live music, watch performances of young, talented sportsmen and much more. The new era is about to begin, the era of Armageddon. It’s going to be a great show for everybody!!!
Here you will find your motivation!
Here you will get to know yourself!
Here you will overcome your weaknesses!
Here you will meet new friends!
Here you will become someone else!

By choosing one of the four distances adjusted to your skills, you are able to experience everything that is the best in sport. Here you will find original obstacles and special attractions, we will keep you surprised! Motivation, support, opportunity to test your skills on an especially designed truck, overcoming not only the obstacles, but also yourself, your weaknesses, comparing yur results with other contestants and great atmosphere of help and cooperation are the advantages you will for sure find at ArmageddonChallenge. Character, power, respect and support – it’s all about us!

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